Earlier today I posted a deal for a 22W solar charger on sale for $60 after coupon. Well, based on the number of people who read and commented on that article your response seems to have been a collective yawn.  Maybe you will find this deal to be slightly more compelling.

Amazon has another highly rated solar charger on sale, this time for an even better price of just $45 after coupon, which may just drop this gadget into impulse buy territory. The CHOE solar charger is rated at a slightly lower 19W as opposed to 22W, and puts out just 2A as opposed to 3A. But hey, cheaper! 24 five star reviews and a 12 month warranty should give you some peace of mind if you are the cautious type.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 9.35.26 PM

Anyways, you know how to enter a coupon code, because you are an internet shopping fanatic, why else would you be reading this in the middle of the night? Here's the code — ZSCGUSCZ, enter it at checkout after you add the charger to your cart. This guy would be happy to see you using a solar charger.