We heard earlier this year that it was back to the drawing board for Glass, but Google apparently plans to squeak out another iteration of the existing model before that time. 9to5Google has published a list of details about the hardware that it says will launch sometime soon.

The updated version of Glass is known as the Enterprise Edition. Goodbye, explorers. Hello, surgeons and other important people who are using these intriguing glasses to do something other than attract attention.

9to5Google alleges that the Enterprise Edition will come with a larger prism display, though it doesn't know if the screen resolution has changed. Here's a comparison the site threw together in Photoshop.


The upcoming device will also reportedly come with an Intel Atom chip, as The Wall Street Journal reported at the end of last year. 9to5Google doesn't claim to know the exact model just yet, only that it will be clocked moderately faster than the best of the current Android Wear watches.

The site says that battery life should last a little bit longer than the initial device. More interestingly, wearers will have the option to hook up an external battery pack. How much juice it provides is still up in the air.

Lastly, the Enterprise Edition should come with support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. This detail is the one 9to5Google claims to have confirmed independently. It also says it has seen the external battery pack in use. All other details come from our good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Unnamed Sources. They tend to be trustworthy folk, but you never know.