Republic Wireless is changing up the way it charges for data. Today the company has unveiled its new refund plan that encourages customers to use less cellular data and save money.

Here's how the Republic Refund Plan works. First you pick a base plan. $5 limits you strictly to Wi-Fi. $10 gets you unlimited talk and text over a cellular network.

Then you add on however much data you think you need. Only want half a gigabyte? That's $7.50. 1GB is $15. 3GB goes for $45. If you end up needing more, you can purchase another allotment at any time. Whatever you don't use will turn into a refund credit that gets applied to next month's bill. Republic technically isn't paying you back, just reducing how much it will take in the future.


Republic Wireless began testing this change back in May, and it says existing users have paid an average of $14.78 a month after using only 0.33GB of cellular data.

The old plans, which ranged from $5-$40 for unlimited use, will no longer be available to new customers. Republic Wireless is providing a year-long grandfather period for people who like what they're currently paying. After that, folks will have to switch.

Unfortunately, the MVNO's phone selection remains limited to the 1st gen Moto G and 2nd gen Moto X. Both are still running Android KitKat (edit: though the Moto X should soon get Android 5.1), and each only operates on Sprint's network.

Still, if you prioritize saving money over either of those things, well, here's a metaphorical wad of cash.