Hey you! Yes, you, with the 60-hour-a-week League of Legends habit and the inordinately expensive microphone setup! Do you aspire to make seven million dollars a year, but lack the apparent "talent" and "charm" of the Twitch streaming giants? Well ditch desktop gaming - it's old and over-saturated. Instead, why not try to blaze a trail in the as-yet untapped market of live streaming mobile games? All you need is this Sony app. And probably a Sony phone. And a Sony headset is probably a good idea. And maybe a PlayStation controller. You know what, just send a big check to Sony and get it over with.

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Mermaid Amazon Vs Underwater Caveman? I love that game!

Surprisingly, this app is actually a pretty big deal. After scoring the only Android app that can natively live stream to YouTube, the company seems to have performed a similar feat with game streaming service Twitch. This app can stream your screen's video to both. (Technically, NVIDIA's SHIELD hardware can also stream via its official Twitch app, but this is the only one for phones so far.) The app's description is light on details and I can't test it without Sony hardware, but it looks as though the floating management window can start and stop playback and enable or mute recording on your device's microphone.

There are plenty of other apps that will stream Android video to independent services modeled after Twitch, but none of them will stream directly to the service itself. If you're a fan and/or an aspiring livestreamer, this is the app for you. I only wish I could tell you specifically which Sony hardware it will work with - right now an informal poll of Android Police readers says that it isn't working with anything, including the latest Xperia-branded phones and tablets. If you can download this app to any Android device, let us know in the comments.

According to commenter Carl-Fredrik Mårtensson, the app is compatible with the Xperia Z3+, Z4, and Z4v, and the Z4 Tablet. Sorry, owners of older Sony devices.

Sony gave a little more information in an official blog post, confirming that the app works with the phones and tablet mentioned above.

The app was not found in the store. :-(