Alaska Airlines doesn't handle all of the flights to Alaska, but if you're heading to the state, there's a decent chance you will consider riding one of the company's planes. The airline offers an Android app that you can use throughout every step of the process—booking a trip, checking in, boarding, and the like. Only now, it will look much less ugly as you do so. With version 3.0, Alaska Airlines will no longer cause Lollipop devices, and their owners, to involuntarily vomit.

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The latest version of the app has shed most elements of the Gingerbread era in favor of something more material. There's awkward spacing here and there, but on the whole, we can't complain. After all, this isn't an app we would stare at often. At least now it's no longer because our eyes can't handle it.

Alaska Airlines - Travel
Alaska Airlines - Travel
Developer: Alaska Airlines
Price: Free