Mapping and navigation app Waze is trying something new, and as with many new things, you need to start small. So the Google-owned company is starting with commuters in the Gush Dan region of Israel. If you need a lift to work, just grab the new RideWith app and another Waze user can pick you up on the way.

To use the new ride-sharing service, you can request a ride via the new app. Waze then tries to match you up with someone going the same direction at the right time. The cost varies based on the mileage and cost of gas, but it shouldn't be much for a short commute. If the driver accepts the rate, you'll get a notification so you can be ready.

Because this service is brand new, some riders might have trouble getting a lift until more drivers sign up. And of course, it's only accessible in the Gush Dan area. If the pilot test goes well, Waze could begin expanding to other markets.