Over the last few years Ben Yahtzee Croshaw has become something of a legend among game reviewers His relentless loquacious and foul mouthed video reviews have skewered hundreds of video games and become a Wednesday ritual for gamers everywhere To be lambasted by Croshaw is to have your game laid bare all corner cutting exposed all dull and unimaginative choices derided before an audience of hundreds of thousands A profanity laced put down from his tiny invisible cartoon mouth has become a rite of passage and a trial by fire for all but the most fortunate of developers and publishers

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No doubt at least some of them would relish the opportunity to strike back at Croshaw and his yellow tinted tongue lashings Now they can albeit in the form of a simple mobile game In Hatfall you play as Yahtzee himself running around an infinite yellow plane waiting for his iconic 2D trilby to fall on his Clip Art crown The gameplay gets more complicated thanks to identical Yahtzees and is periodically broken up by mean spirited quips and mini game non sequiturs

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At certain intervals the falling hats will be replaced with things that are not hats including refrigerators televisions and telephone poles These items will leave Croshaw crushed into a cathartic pile of blood and brains giving joy to abused game developers everywhere Collecting hats will allow you to spend hats on hat related items most of which are costumes based on the various stock characters from the Zero Punctuation videos If that is not compelling enough for you then a completely nonsensical backstory presented in Star Wars scrolling text might keep you occupied for as long as you can stand it

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Developers hoping to give Croshaw his crushing comeuppance have something of a dilemma to sort out because access to this oh so satisfying experience will cost two bucks at least some of which will surely go back to their tormentor himself There is a further one dollar in app purchase to permanently double hat earnings and players can sometimes earn free hats for watching advertising Is that too much to ask to see the British bully of the game industry flattened beneath an anvil like Wile E Coyote You will have to make that decision for yourself

Zero Punctuation: Hatfall
Zero Punctuation: Hatfall
Developer: Defy Media
Price: $1.99+