The classic game emulation scene for Android is really blowing up. Not only do we have more single-use emulators than ever, more powerful hardware is opening up the sixth generation of home consoles like the Dreamcast and Gamecube. Today one of the more notable all-in-one emulators is getting a huge update on the Play Store: RetroArch. The multi-platform, multi-console emulator has updated its entire user interface system and added a few under-the-hood changes as well.

This video is from the Linux version of RetroArch, but it shows the new menu system in action.

The most striking addition is the user interface, with a cross-style main menu reminiscent of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. That's nice, but the bigger change to the program itself is that it no longer comes as an all-in-one package: now you can download "cores" for the various console and arcade emulation tools in RetroArch, which means that the app will take up only as much storage space as it needs to.

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Other brand-new goodies include automatic directory scanning for new game files, built-in input and controller remapping, support for Game Genie-style "cheats," language translations into German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese, and more. You can check out the complete changelog here - there are some other tools that are only available in the desktop version of RetroArch. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for multiple emulators (like for the SHIELD, or the Nexus Player's new external storage support in Android M) this is it.

Developer: Libretro
Price: Free