It's easy to hate on Instagram. It's not just that most of the photos have user-applied filters. The photo-centric social network has capped images at 640 by 640. Even if your phone can take a decent shot, it only gets scaled down when you share it with the world.

But now the site is rolling out support for sharper photos on both Android and iOS. Users will be able to upload and view images at a resolution of 1080x1080. Here's the word from Instragram Co-Founder Mike Krieger.

For a while now, the Android version of Instagram has come with image compression that produces worse results than its iOS counterpart. In response to a question on Twitter about the matter, Krieger says the Android version should offer better image quality after the latest releases.

This is a backend change that doesn't require an app update, so the larger images should start appearing right away. According to The Verge, Instagram started rolling out 1080x1080 uploads last week, so newer photos are already stored at the higher resolution. Check your feed.

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