Wireless carriers should, in theory, just be dumb pipes you choose from on the basis of coverage and cost, but oftentimes we hear from commenters who have stuck it out with one provider or another in spite of poor service or high rates. We want to know how long you've been with your current wireless carrier continuously - as in, how many months in a row have you had service with this provider?

I'm currently semi-stuck on AT&T here in the US, semi-by choice, and pay a semi-reasonable-I-guess cost for my service. I've been on AT&T now for a solid 2.5 years continuously, though I'm thinking I may switch later this year if T-Mobile really does keep improving coverage and service outside of major metro areas.

For now, T-Mobile's relatively painful coverage in certain regions I visit regularly simply doesn't make them as attractive an option, even if I would have a less restrictive data plan with a lower bill. And for all the expletives I hurl at AT&T occasionally for their slow network here in Los Angeles (it is congested to uselessness during some parts of the day), their LTE footprint is huge and has far superior building penetration, generally speaking.

So, who's your carrier, and why have you stuck with them? Or, are you stuck with them: trapped in a contract or device payoff? I know I'll be especially interested to see what our non-US readers have to say about their wireless providers, because it's not something I (or really, much of the AP team) am especially familiar with. For those of you in regions where dual-SIM solutions are popular, just vote on the basis of the carrier you've been with longest or the carrier you use most - whichever makes more sense to you.

How long you have been with your current wireless carrier?

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