You might think that a game like Minecraft, where there's no story and you essentially build an entire world out of complicated digital LEGOs, doesn't lend itself well to the adventure game format. You might be right. But if anyone can make a licensed story out of Mojang's phenomenal open-world title, it's TellTale Games, who have successfully adapted such diverse properties as The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and Back To The Future into episodic adventure games with near-universal appeal.

TellTale showed off the first footage of Minecraft: Story Mode at Minecon 2015. That's a Minecraft convention, if you're wondering. Check it out:

The preview shows off a few key story derails, but the biggest draw for fans of Minecraft might be the impressive environmental and character design presented in the game's iconic blocky voxel style. Player choices at crucial points will drive the story forward.

The developer also revealed the voice cast, and it's probably their most star-studded yet. The protagonist will be played by American stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt, known for small but memorable roles on shows like Veep, Axe Cop, Justified, Agents of SHIELD, and Bored to Death. Other notable cast members include Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Martha Plimpton, Corey Feldman, Paul Reubens, and Billy "half the voices from Futurama" West.

Minecraft: Story Mode will be split into five story-driven episodes, the first of which will arrive sometime before the end of this year. Like all of TellTale's recent releases, it will get a full Android version.