Android M is going to have some interesting new tools for fans of MicroSD cards and expandable storage in general. If you're looking for some cheap SD cards, Amazon is selling official Samsung-branded storage today... an unfortunate and cruel circumstance for owners of the Galaxy S6. Anyway, Amazon's selection of EVO cards has a few very good deals at the moment, particularly this 64GB Class 10 MicroSD card for just $19.57. That's a fantastic price, and one you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.


If you don't need quite that much extra storage, a 32GB version of the card can be had for $12.99, and a 16GB version is going for only ten bucks. Samsung's 128GB MicroSD card, equal in capacity to the priciest of high-end smartphones at the moment, is $69.99. Deal hunters will note that it's 3.5 times as expensive as the 64GB card while being only twice as capacious, but you're paying for the convenience of having all that storage in one place. Samsung's 128GB card is currently the cheapest one on Amazon.

With Class 10 speeds, these cards are great for use with high-speed photography or with the app storage capabilities built into NVIDIA's SHIELD hardware. They'll probably work very well once Android M enables combined storage, too. Amazon Prime customers can get two day shipping for free. This isn't a limited Gold Box deal, so the prices may stick around for a while... though the retailer stock may not.