Remember the days when telecom CEOs were uptight guys in suits whose names you would never even know? Well, then John Legere happened. T-Mobile's bombastic CEO has been regularly poking fun at the competition ever since starting the Uncarrier initiatives, and Sprint's new CEO Marcelo Claure is sick of hearing it. After Legere blasted Sprint's recent All In blunder, Claure fired back in a series of vitriolic tweets.

Here's the post that kicked everything off. For Legere, this isn't even that bad.

Claure apparently couldn't let that go without saying something, so he said the following in a series of tweets directed at Legere.



John Legere also likes to call things "bullshit." I think Claure kind of wishes he was the cool CEO on Twitter who calls things bullshit. He's talking about T-Mobile's Jump On Demand plan, which includes a phone lease. The iPhone is part of a temporary promotion for $15 per month. 

I have to say, I don't think Claure comes out looking particularly good here. All In was a PR disaster for Sprint, so this really isn't the time to be calling out other carriers for what you think is "misleading." Legere has yet to respond directly, but he probably doesn't have to.

John Legere, ladies and gentlemen

John Legere has responded to Claure in typical Legere fashion. Also, note the proper use of the period to make sure the reply shows up in his main stream. 

Hinting that Tmo will officially pass Sprint in subscribers?