Are you still using Carbon for Twitter, despite Twitter's consistent efforts to kill off the third-party apps that built the service? Good for you. The developer thanks you, and is indeed still working on the app. The latest version introduces a ton of new features and fixes, notably surrounding image, GIF, and video support. Carbon can also support Twitter's new quote display function, which lets you reply to a tweet and embed it beneath your own.

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Here's the full list of changes:

  • Tweet Quotes
  • GIF & Videos Support
  • Multiple Images Display
  • Periscope Previews
  • Fixed Notification bug for Mentions and Messages
  • Article Mode is back and fixed on Browser screen
  • Brand new Trending Topics screen
  • Fixed Vine, Flickr, and Twitpic previews bug
  • Multiple image display option is back
  • Refreshed Iconography
  • Mild Material Design implementation(it's a start!)
  • General UI touch-ups
  • -General Stability and under-the-hood fixes

Some users are reporting crashes and other updates with the new version, and the widget seems to have disappeared. The developer says there's a quick fix coming later today, and recommends clearing Carbon's cache and data in the app menu.

Carbon for Twitter
Carbon for Twitter
Developer: dots & lines
Price: Free