Are you a goat? You can be one just by tapping a few things in the new Solid Explorer 2.0 to activate goat mode. Okay, you're not really going to be a goat, just like tapping the Android build number to activate developer mode doesn't make you a developer. Still, it's pretty funny.

To become a goat, just open the nav drawer and hit the overflow button and go into About. Tap the build number a few times, and you'll get a toast message telling you to keep tapping to activate goat mode. It's basically like activating developer mode in Android. Once goat mode is on, almost everything you tap in Solid Explorer makes goat sounds. Amusing.

To make it stop, you just have to exit the app completely. The next time you open it, the sounds will be gone.

  • Thanks:
  • Lennert Evers