Ooops! Noah is gone... but fortunately you can still see what happens to the animals on the Ark. The 3D animated film All Creatures Big and Small is now debuting exclusively in the Play Store, and you can download the HD film in its entirety for free.


This light-hearted movie asks the question of what happened to the animals that didn't make it on board Noah's Ark. It follows Finny and Leah as they try to survive the flood and find safety on the tallest mountain. Meanwhile, their parents attempt to turn the Ark around and rescue their kids. The subject matter may be Biblical, but the tone is hardly preachy. Your family doesn't have to be Christian to get a few laughs out of the experience.

The film comes to the States from across the pond, where it has made the rounds under several names. Ooops! Noah is Gone was the original title in Germany. By the time it reached the UK, it had become Two by Two. Here in the States, it's known as All Creatures Big and Small. The movie, which is in English, features voice acting from the likes of Martin Sheen and Amy Grant. Give it a download. Someone in the house will probably be glad.