When you go to the Storage area of settings and tap on Misc. to see what's eating up your free space, Android tosses up a rather basic file manager. You can select top-level directories and delete them. That's it. This screen doesn't even let you dive in and see what files are lurking about.

Screenshot_2015-06-30-13-24-40 Screenshot_2015-06-30-13-24-47

Pre-Android M

In Android M, Misc. changes to Other files. But that's just the beginning. Not only can you descend into directories, you're treated to an interface that looks more like a file manager. You can swap to a grid view, copy items, and share what's selected. You will also see the option to sort by name, date modified, and size. And if browsing manually is too much of a chore, you have the ability to type in a search. Lastly, tapping on things actually opens them.

Screenshot_20150630-132459 Screenshot_20150630-133028 Screenshot_20150630-133039

Screenshot_20150630-133047 Screenshot_20150630-133111 Screenshot_20150630-133127

Android M

In short, this file manager is actually useful. Rather than providing you with a vague idea of what's occupying the space on your phone, it empowers you to do something about it. It's a change we're happy to see.

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