Sprint would really like you to buy a phone. Really. So much so that they're willing to throw a salesperson and a bunch of phones in a branded car and drive to your door to sell it to you, preferably along with a service contract and a $30 case. The new Direct 2 You service will also offer assistance to existing Sprint customers; the example given in the press release is moving data from one phone to the other.


The service launches today in metro areas in and around New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver. Wait, what? Denver?


YES. Hell yes, Denver.

Pardon me. I don't normally get excited about this kind of thing, and I wouldn't pay for Sprint service if someone drove to my house and gave me a free phone and a Happy Meal, but seeing Denver on the list of initial rollout cities is exciting. Contrary to Sprint's statement, Denver is not among the most populous cities in the country - with just over 600,000 residents, it gets knocked out of the top 20 by such bustling metropolises as El Paso, Texas and Columbus, Ohio. Normally "little" cities like Denver have to wait years to get access to metro-centric services like Direct 2 You. The next cities on the expansion list are Dallas, Washington D.C., and Detroit.

The rollout is still relatively small, and NY, LA, and SF are basically the de facto standard for urbanite services, but it's still pretty cool to see the midwest get a little recognition at the start. Fellow Colorado residents, please resist the urge to tip your Sprint Direct 2 You driver with a dime bag - he or she might appreciate it, but they still might get fired.

Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 29, 2015 - Sprint (NYSE:S) is launching today its innovative Direct 2 You service in four of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver. The Direct 2 You service brings wireless sales, consultation and customer service directly to customers virtually whenever and wherever they want – for free1.

Through this one-of-a-kind offering, a Sprint expert helps customers set up a Sprint mobile device and transfers any contents to the new phone. Direct 2 You eliminates the hassle of planning a trip to the store and saves time for customers by having the expert go directly to them. Originally offered only to existing Sprint customers, Direct 2 You is now available to everyone – including those ready to switch to Sprint.

“New York represents the ultimate intersection of culture, technology and business, and New Yorkers deserve expert, innovative service to help them manage their busy lives,” said Karen Paletta, region vice president, Northeast, Sprint. “Our Direct 2 You experts meet customers where it is convenient for them, bringing them expert attention when and where they need it.”

With today’s expansion, the service is now available in 28 cities – Los Angeles metro area: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach, West Hollywood, Pasadena, San Pedro and Santa Ana; New York metro area: New York City and these cities in New Jersey: Newark, Jersey City, Edison, Elizabeth and Paterson; San Francisco Bay Area: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Berkeley; Denver metro area: Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Golden; and in Chicago, Miami and Kansas City. In early July, Direct 2 You will arrive in Detroit, Washington, D.C., Tampa and Dallas. The service is anticipated to continue to roll out to more markets across the country throughout 2015.

“Customers enjoy saving time and benefit from the convenience factor of Direct 2 You,” said Kevin Kunkel, region vice president, West, Sprint. "Whether you’re in LA, Denver or San Francisco, our experts will meet you where you choose – home, office or coffee shop – and streamline the process of getting a new phone.”

The Direct 2 You experience is easy and simple. After a customer schedules an appointment by calling 844-347-2968 or through https://sprintdirect2you.com, an expert comes straight to him or her. In addition to setting up the phone to meet the customer’s specific preferences, the expert transfers all content, including contacts, pictures, games and apps, to ensure the device is ready to go. The expert also provides personalized training and tips to help the customer become familiar with using the mobile device.