People have been hopping on bikes and racing around France for over a century. Okay, they may have been doing it for even longer, but this year marks the 102nd time they will call it the Tour de France. If you live in the US and want to stream the action on your Android device, NBC has released an official app into the Play Store just for you.

NBC says its mobile app will provide live video coverage from every stage and full replays. There's a map you can use to track the action, or you can just use the app to track results if you don't have time. There are stories, interviews, and profiles to keep you up to speed with the individuals participating in the competition. Unfortunately, the interface you will use to access this content couldn't get much lazier.

This year's app costs $20, which is $15 more than last year. That's a lot of money by app standards, but it's not all that much in the world of pay per view. Though if you want to stream from a laptop, that costs a separate $30 (or $5 a day). Ultimately, you have to ask yourself—how badly do you want to watch a bunch of folks ride bikes? About half as much as you want to watch guys play cricket? I guess NBC priced it appropriately then.

The app was not found in the store. :-(