Play Music is as much an online service as it is a mobile app, but when it comes to the former, you have to wait your turn before you can get your hands on it (without jumping through hoops). Fortunately, Play Music has come to Argentina. Thanks to alphabetical order, it's now the first country listed on Google's support page.


This availability includes using Google servers to back up your personal collection as well as subscribing to Play Music's all you can eat buffet. What's streamable varies by region, so what's on sale in Argentina won't necessarily match what's online elsewhere. It's not because of Google though. We overheard Play Music singing this song on the plane ride down.

A reader emailed us with news that Play Music has also arrived in Serbia. This information has not yet made it to the Google Play support page, but it seems to be happening. Here are the provided screens.

nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-06-29-18-25-09 nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-06-29-18-25-44

Scratch that. Google has since reverted the changes made in Serbia. Play Music will remain unavailable in the country for the time being.