Google Earth debuted way back in 2005, long before Android existed in any meaningful way. It was a borderline magical experience at the time—you could just open a program and see the entire planet from orbit. Google Earth might be old news now, but Google is celebrating the anniversary with a new discovery feature. It's only on the desktop right now, but "Voyager" shows you the best things available in Google Earth.


In the Voyager layer you get quick access to several different types of highlighted content. There's Street View, Earth View, 3D cities, the latest satellite imagery updates, and a highlight tour. It's not clear if this will come to the Android app at some point, but Google doesn't really update that one very often. If you're interested, you might as well check out the desktop version.

Google has also taken this opportunity to expand the selection of Earth View images to more than 1500. These are the best of the best landscapes viewed from space. Android 5.0 has several of these as background images, and you can see more by going to the Earth View web gallery or installing the Chrome extension. What a time to be alive.