Facebook is free because it makes its money off ads, otherwise known as the attempts to sell you things based off all the personal information you and your friends pump into the social network. Well, those ads don't just pop up out of the nothingness of the web. Someone creates and pays for them. Now with Facebook's latest app, said someones can do that from their mobile devices.


The Facebook Ad Manager is aimed at small and medium business owners who want to reach out to the people in their areas. It provides the tools to see how many people an ad reaches and whether anyone clicked. In addition to editing the text and imagery that accompany ads, creators can adjust the audience, schedule, and budget of their ad campaigns.


Judging from the provided screens, the app looks decently material. The hamburger menu button and back arrow are adequately spaced from the side of the screen, the colors are simple, and there's a floating action button. Still, some areas of the app look better than others. This is a Facebook app. A certain degree of quirkiness is part of the deal.

Facebook Ads Manager
Facebook Ads Manager
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free