Google Drive is becoming quite a big product. With Google Photos now being a thing (and deeply integrated with Drive), the subjugation of Docs, Sheets, and Slides under the Drive banner, and continued and increasingly powerful integration with apps and services on Android, the once fairly simple cloud storage locker is now quite a flexible product.

So, we're curious: do you actually use it? For what, exactly? Do you like Drive? For the purpose of this poll, "using" Drive should be interpreted to mean actively, not simply that you use apps or services which happen to make use of Drive functionality. For example, the fact that you have a game save getting backed up to Drive every day doesn't mean, in this post's context, that you use Drive. What I want to know is whether you're actually opening up the app or web page, and what you're doing when you're actively utilizing Drive.

Do you use it as your main cloud storage service? Just for certain cloud needs (like Google Photos)? Or are Docs / Sheets / Slides most of the reason you find yourself looking at the Drive icon frequently? Vote in the poll below (I've tried to provide a fairly inclusive list of options, so read them carefully) and discuss in the comments.

Do you use Google Drive? For what?

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