Video editing on mobile is still far from perfect - the complexity of the task and the limitations of a small touchscreen mean that getting anything done with precision is tricky. Apps with bite-sized editing like Vine are a good starting point, but we could use something to occupy the middle ground. Enter Redub, a video editing tool from developer Sumoing. It aims to bring a few much-needed tools (and an easy interface) to mobile video editing.

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Sumoing first caught our attention with Repix, a better and more effective take on the Instagram formula. Redub takes the same approach to video: keep the simplicity of more limited apps... while removing the limits. You can edit your own videos with new audio, filters, and effects, but the real draw of the app is editing publicly-available videos (complete with dubious copyright implications) and sharing them with other users of the service.

Unfortunately, the app seems to be having some teething troubles. Redub crashes on my phone, so I can't give you any serious feedback on the editing interface or the final output. Give it a try if you want an easy way to make quick edits to your own videos, or the more popular one on YouTube.

The app was not found in the store. :-(