If you're a user, accidentally clicking an ad on a mobile site or in the middle of a game is frustrating. If you're an advertiser, accidental clicks lead to lower conversion rates. Accidental clicks are just bad all the way around.

To that end, Google is introducing new mechanisms to prevent as many accidental clicks as possible.

First, Google is blocking clicks that happen close to the edge of the ad image.

Second, Google will block clicks on app icons for in-app interstitial ads, so you won't need high precision to hit the little X button and return to your game.

Finally, Google won't accept clicks for a short time after the ad displays. This way, a click won't be registered if an ad shows up where it isn't expected.

These are small tweaks, but important ones in eliminating some of the annoyance potential harbored by display ads. To see Google's full explanation of the changes, hit the link below.