The DROID Turbo is the most powerful phone in Motorola's lineup (tied with the larger Nexus 6 for most of its specs), and it's Verizon's exclusive flagship in the United States. It's also running Android KitKat, as it has been since launch, well after all of the other manufacturers have upgraded their leading phones to Android 5.0 at the very least. Motorola executives promised an upgrade straight to Android 5.1... over two months ago.

So it's safe to say that owners of the DROID Turbo, or at least those who want to run the latest version of Android on their premium phones, are a bit ticked. Hopefully they won't have to wait too much. Reports of a soak test (Motorola's beta testing for Android system software) went out late Tuesday night. They can't be confirmed at the moment, probably because soak test members are usually taken from Motorola's company forums and asked not to share information or files. We can but hope that this update is the one that was promised back in March.

Soak tests tend to "graduate" to full OTA update status in about a week to a month, so if this one really is Android 5.1, DROID Turbo owners may not have to wait much longer. The fact that Motorola has been updating the similar Moto X 2014 to Android 5.1 is a good sign. Let's just hope that they get a better jump on Android M later this year.