It's been a long and winding road, but the days of Eclipse with ADT are over. In a post on the Android development blog, Google has announced that development and official support for the Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse will be shut down at the end of this year. Google intends to focus all of its effort on improving Android Studio and advises developers move their active projects to Android Studio using the included migration tool.

This news comes about six months after Google declared the ADT plugin was no longer in active development. The change in status meant the tools would only receive bug fixes and updates necessary to remain functional, but there would be no more improvements or new features. It sounds like Google intends to maintain that level of support, such as it is, through December of this year.

Google notes that the ADT plugin and related tools are open source and will continue to be available through the Andmore project where developers are free to maintain and contribute code.

At just over two years old, Android Studio is now the single Google-supported development environment for Android. Many app developers have already made the switch, but this may come as a bit of a shock to NDK developers. Last month, Google announced Android Studio would support for C/C++ with v1.3, which was only recently promoted from Canary to Beta, and still doesn't have full NDK support, yet. Google plans to continue building on the new NDK functionality in Android Studio and also transition the standalone performance tools like DDMS and Trace Viewer over the next few months.