When the BBM app came out a few years ago, it was not very attractive. It continued to be unattractive right up to this very day, but now the material design update has rolled out to the Play Store. Suddenly, it looks quite nice.

Here's the changelog for the latest version, as listed by Blackberry. I thought some of these features were already included, but I guess Blackberry would know.

  • An all-new look and feel inspired by Material Design.
  • Private Chat - In a private chat, contact names and new message notifications are hidden, and the chat will self-destruct after being inactive for a short time. Perfect for the kind of conversations you would usually have in-person.
  • Edit Message - retract, edit, and send again
  • Hide unused sticker packs
  • Quote Message - Reference and reply to a previous message in your chat.
  • Update your status from the feed.
  • Tablet support
  • Landscape support

The material update was previously only available as part of the Blackberry Beta Zone closed beta test. That was launched a few weeks ago in early June, but now you can get the update from the regular Google Play listing. Remember, BBM has a subscription service now for a handful of premium features. The basic messaging features are still free.

BBM - Free Calls & Messages
BBM - Free Calls & Messages
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