FLIR has announced its second generation thermal camera smartphone add-on will be coming to Android in July. The FLIR ONE plugs into the microUSB port on your phone to provide thermal imaging at four times the resolution of the first generation version. That kind of technology doesn't come cheap, though. It'll run $249.99 when it ships next month.


The new FLIR ONE uses the newest version of the company's Lepton thermal camera core with special processing technology that sharpens edges to make the image more visible. This will, presumably, let you more easily view the heat signature of smaller objects and measure surface temperatures.

2015-06-25 10_39_54-Buy FLIR ONE - Android _ FLIR Systems

FLIR will also be opening a developer program with an Android SDK for devs to create apps that make use of the FLIR ONE camera. The SDK is already live on the FLIR site for interested parties.