Last week, there was a kerfuffle online about a couple of themes developed by an XDA member for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that aimed to bring a more authentic Material look to Samsung's devices. Said themes were approved then suspended by the company, supposedly because of copyright infringements over the wallpaper and icons, but the developer fixed those issues and has resubmitted them.

material-theme-galaxy-s6-1 material-theme-galaxy-s6-2 material-theme-galaxy-s6-3 material-theme-galaxy-s6-4

In the meantime, another Material theme was approved and went live today in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge's Theme Store. It's actually called "Material", and has been designed by Samer Zayer, a known publisher of icons and themes on Android. Samer did a really good job of blending a near stock Lollipop experience with Samsung's own elements, and the end result looks unmistakably... both. Everything from the wallpaper to the lockscreen, icons, settings, notification area, app launcher, dialer, calculator, clock, messaging, etc... got a fresh coat of pretty paint as you can see from the screenshots.

material-theme-galaxy-s6-5 material-theme-galaxy-s6-6 material-theme-galaxy-s6-7 material-theme-galaxy-s6-8

But Samsung's Theme Store being "complete shit," as my colleague Ryan Whitwam vehemently stated to me, you won't be able to find Material under the list of new themes, which is where it belongs. Instead, you'll have to scroll to the Themes for Man section and you'll see it there. Because Samsung thinks men like Material Design and women like pink cartoons, exclusively.

Some of you have told us that you can't find the theme. We've contacted the developer and were told that he has been in touch with Samsung to see why Material wasn't showing up under the What's New section. It seems the Theme Store guys decided to fix that, so you should find it there now instead of under Themes for man.

But if you don't, Samer also let us know that the theme doesn't appear to be live in certain countries, specifically the US. We know it was there last night, but along with a lot of themes, it has disappeared this morning. It's likely the result of a mess somewhere in some database, and hopefully Material will be accessible again in a couple of hours in all countries.