If you've been waiting for a more stable version of the CyanogenMod ROM to become available before upgrading to Android 5.0, now's your chance. Snapshot builds of CM 12 are now rolling off of the build server and onto the CyanogenMod download page, going in their usual alphabetical order by codename. These are the first snapshot versions of CyanogenMod 12, and according to members of the CM 12 team, they'll also be the last.


Snapshots are among the more stable releases of the community ROM, more so than the monthly "M" builds (which are pretty reliable themselves, at least compared to one-off efforts you might see on standard user forums). The CyanogenMod team is already working on CM 12.1 (Android 5.1), so this will be the only snapshot release based on the older Android 5.0.2 code.

If you prefer Android 4.4 (or it's simply a better fit for your hardware), the final snapshot builds are rolling out for CyanogenMod 11 as well, based on the M12 release. The CM team says that the branches for both CM11 and CM12 are being finalized, so it's unlikely that any more official builds will be released. That makes "snapshots" the new de facto stable releases, though it has to be said that the team is playing fast and loose with the various subdivisions of its own releases.

Nightly builds of CM 12.1 for selected devices are available if you're feeling courageous. If you don't know or can't remember what CyanogenMod's codename for your phone or tablet is, do a quick search on the wiki - that's also where you can find the correct Gapps builds for your ROM version. Remember that it may take a few hours for the server to build all of the new ROM files.