It seems like the only thing anybody can talk about is Android M, but we should remember that we've got about 4 more months with Lollipop v5.1.1 as the current version until Mango Mojito (probably not) is officially released in October. This is no more apparent than when an update appears on AOSP and brings with it thousands of changes. In fact, this update is large enough it probably deserved more than a barely noticeable revision bump.


The code drop for LYZ28E comes a bit later than expected, since the build number was first seen in a Nexus 6 update that began rolling out a month ago. At the time, it was assumed that this version wouldn't contain many changes beyond support for Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile, but it turns out that the changes reach much further. There are about 3000 commits, which is a fifth the size of the jump from 5.0 to 5.1, and about 20x larger than any other update to 5.1.1 thus far.

I'll step out on a fairly sturdy limb and predict that this is the last revision to Android 5.1 we're going to see unless a critical issue is discovered between now and the release of Android M. With a major new release coming so close, it's likely that an update of this magnitude is a purge to wipe away most of the pending issues and bugs fixes that have been resolved internally.

There's no word regarding firmware updates for other Nexus devices to bring them up to r5, but there are changes to many device-specific repositories, so it seems likely they will be joining the Nexus 6 at some point.

Surely, there's quite a bit to discover in this changelog, but while everybody pokes around all of those commit messages, I'm going to leave this with a few interesting statistics. Note: this is just a count of words that appear in each commit's leading text, and doesn't represent the body of the text which may contain many more instances.

  • "leak" appears 11 times
  • "bug" appears 57 times
  • "fix" shows up a whopping 438 times
  • "battery" and "power" get 2 and 3 mentions, respectively.
  • and "fun" makes it into a single entry

Problems with the changelog

A number of inconsistencies in the changelog suggest that the script we use to generate a list of changes is not working as expected. I apologize for the confusion. I'm looking into a fix. If anybody has some helpful information, your input is welcome.