The new game Xenowerk takes place in a mysterious underground science laboratory. It's not clear what sort of research was being conducted there, but whatever it was resulted in an infestation of gross mutants. It's up to you to eradicate them.

This is a top-down shooter with standard dual-stick aiming and firing. If the on-screen controls don't do it for you, there's controller support as well. Xenowerk comes from the same studio that made Space Marshals, so you'll probably notice a similarity in the style and gameplay. This game also has neat lighting effects, made all the more relevant by the dark, Doom-like environments.

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Xenowerk costs $2, and there are in-app purchases. Don't freak out, though. You'll earn credits across the game's 50 levels which can be used to unlock and upgrade your gear, and that's the only currency type. The in-app purchases for more credits top out at just $3, and the game doesn't push them on you.

Developer: Pixelbite
Price: Free+