Medium is your one-stop shop for blog posts about... things. Sometimes those are things you want to read about, and sometimes not, but it's a popular site for a wide variety of content. The Android app has been in beta for a few weeks, but today it's ready for public consumption.

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The app looks nice enough. It has a card layout and parts of it are somewhat material. It has cool animations and uses pull-to-refresh, but the status bar isn't colored (if that's something you care about). When you set up the app, you can choose various interests to get a feed of suggested stories. There's also a basic blog editor that can be used to post to your Medium account.

The v1.0 release is just the first step, according to the developers. There's already a road map of future features available (in a Medium post, of course). It will eventually gain options like user blocking, user search, multi-draft support, and more formatting options. The beta program lives on if you want to get these features first.

Price: Free+