The Steam app for Android has been rocking the same ancient UI since it launched years ago, but that changes today. The app has jumped from v1.1 all the way to 2.0 and it comes with a revamped UI. It's being called "material," but I don't know if I'd go that far. It's still a vast improvement over the old app.

This is allegedly the changelog for Steam v2.0.7, but the listing page hasn't updated for me to confirm yet. I am seeing several of these features in the new app, so I think it's probably legit.

  • Changing from one screen to another is faster
  • Will not use battery when it is inactive
  • Will not log in unexpectedly
  • If possible, when resumed, the application will return to the screen it was on
  • Startup screen can be set
  • Chat history from other devices is available
  • Chat history for offline friends is available
  • Navigation menu has links to Inventory, Library, going offline for chat and logging out
  • Material design, higher res images, simplified settings, faster on older devices
  • Other fixes

The navigation drawer has been completely rearranged in this update, and now includes links to your inventory, library, and additional app settings like disconnecting from chat. There's no colored status bar, but the general layout of the app is a bit more rational. It's faster as well, but still feels sluggish compared to a lot of apps.

Valve also claims to have included fixes for background battery drain and the spontaneous login issue many users experienced. You can grab the update from APK Mirror or just wait for the Play Store. Check out the old UI below for comparison. It was real bad.

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Developer: Valve Corporation
Price: Free