Activision's Geometry Wars series is one of the more popular casual shooters ever developed and really needs little introduction. Instead of writing something tiresome, I'll just let you watch the trailer for the newest entry in the franchise, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Warning: Viewing The Following Video Is Not Recommended For People With Epilepsy, An Aversion To Techno, Or Who Find The Mass Slaughter Of Innocent Shapes To Be Objectionable.

The big news here is that the franchise has finally released one of their games on mobile platforms. It was first made available a couple months back on iOS, but as of today, it is also available for Android.

The game features a 50 level campaign mode, five classic arcade levels, ten different battle modes, and awhole slew of special abilities and attacks. You can control the game using onscreen buttons or with a bluetooth controller. Best of all, the game is a reasonable $4.99 with none of those pesky IAPs. If you want to check it out for yourself just click the widget below.