Todoist has been holding my professional and personal life together over the past couple of years, and that is no understatement. In my Stuff We Use article, I mentioned how I use it to prepare my pharmacy's daily orders, but I've also grown to rely on it for my regular to-dos, while preparing for trips, or when inspiration hits me and I come up with a new article idea for Android Police for example.

The Android app however has been relatively stagnant — beside adding Android Wear support — so it's good to finally see it take a major leap forward. This update has been available in beta for a while, so I've been able to test it out for a couple of weeks (and influence a couple of features in it — yes!) and I have to say that I really love what I see here. If you use the app, you'll like it too.

First up is a major design overhaul to follow Google's material design guidelines. Yes, there's a FAB to add new tasks and it's even there to submit them as well. But there's also a navigation drawer, a transparent status bar, bold colors for the app's header and the new task interface, new icons that mesh well with this cleaner look, a more easily accessible search icon, and lots and lots of animations.

todoist-material-1 todoist-material-2 todoist-material-3 todoist-material-4

Second, instead of a single flick to mark tasks as completed, there are now more gestures. In any task list view, if you swipe a task to the right, you can mark it as done, but if you swipe it left, you can (re)schedule it. In the completed tasks view, the swipes allow you to unmark the task as done or delete it.

todoist-material-gestures-1 todoist-material-gestures-2 todoist-material-completed-tasks-1 todoist-material-completed-tasks-2

But back to rescheduling for a bit, the entire interface is now a bright yellow, with big buttons for today, tomorrow, etc, as well as a date picker (bottom right), and a smart date parser (top) which uses the same intelligent input syntaxes that I'll explain in the next paragraph.

todoist-material-schedule-1 todoist-material-schedule-2

Leaving looks aside, the most important change in terms of functionality is the new Quick Add method for typing new tasks, which was already added to iOS a few months ago. Instead of seeing a full task page, you get a small bar at the bottom of your current view where you can change the indentation then type something like, "Advil liquigel today @ 2pm p1 @orders," and Todoist will assign a date and time to it, label it as orders, and give it priority 1. You can also add recurring tasks with syntaxes like, "swim every wednesday @ 8am starting June 24th and ending September 15th," and Todoist will handle all of that without you having to delve into multiple settings.

todoist-material-quick-add-1 todoist-material-quick-add-2 todoist-material-recurring-and-dates-1 todoist-material-recurring-and-dates-2

There's no autocomplete yet for label names, and no way to send a task to a specific project yet, but both options I'm told may be coming in a later update. And finally, if you want more control over your task, you can expand the view to get to the full task page.

Finally, the new app has themes that change the main and secondary colors. I think it's a shame that these stay static across the app once you select them, instead of adapting to your colored projects or labels, but I was told the decision was made to keep Todoist's identity while you're using the app. The same goes for tasks with pictures attached to them: using that image as a hero background instead of the solid bold color for tasks would have been quite cool.

todoist-material-themes-1 todoist-material-themes-2

Here are a few screenshots from Todoist's previous version, so you can compare them and see how big of a departure this latest update is.

Todoist is still free in the Play Store, but there's a Premium subscription that unlocks more advanced options (task search, colored labels, reminders, task notes and attachments,...). It looks just as well on tablets and phones, has an Android Wear app, and in all honesty, it almost makes task management fun. If you don't see the update live in the Play Store now, it might be rolling out in batches, so wait a little bit and refresh the page.

Disclaimer: Although Todoist quoted me in its official blog post for this update, I do not work for the company neither am I paid by it. I'm just an enthusiastic user of its service and app.

Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders
Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders