Google is rolling out the new version of Play Music, and it's not even Wednesday yet. This update jumps from 5.9 to 6.0, and it makes some significant changes, not the least of which is the addition of ad-supported streaming radio. Oh, and those ads, there are a lot of them.

Here's what we're seeing in the new version of Play Music, We'll update the changelog as we find more.

  • Support for free streaming radio with ads, ads, ads
  • New radio and activity playlist artwork to match website
  • Playlists and Radio moved to My Library (out of nav drawer)
  • New Releases added to navigation drawer
  • Browse Stations added to navigation drawer (curated stations)
  • New startup splash screen.
  • Thumbs up/down buttons switched places with random/repeat

The addition of free music streaming is a big deal, but people are probably going to be annoyed by the ads. There's a small banner at the bottom of the screen, pop-overs, and full-screen video ads that appear from time to time. I don't know that it's happening more than other free services, but it feels more annoying in the app. Check the images below for a look at what the free streaming looks like. Playing local music in the app without All Access should still work the same as before without any ads.

Free streaming

The navigation drawer is also different in v6.0. Playlists and Radio have both gotten the boot, now residing in My Library. The shortcuts now mirror what you get in the Play Music web interface, so you've got new options for New Releases and Browse Stations. Note, those are the new curated stations that free users have access to, but All Access subscribers get them too. There are no ads if you're signed in with an All Access sub.

As usual, you can get the update from APK Mirror instead of waiting for the Play Store to do it.

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