The LG G4 is out now, so the G3 is technically yesterday's news. It's still a fine phone, though, and the price is getting more reasonable all the time. You can pick up a new unlocked one right now for $330 on eBay. It was most recently on sale for $340, and it's still around $400 on Amazon.

2015-06-23 16_51_44-LG G3 D850 32GB Blue Unlocked Smartphone New _ eBay

The G3 offered here is the D850, which is the AT&T variant. It's unlocked, and has the necessary bands to work on T-Mobile's LTE. There's also 1900MHz support, so you'll get HSPA+ on T-Mobile in certain areas. AT&T users should have full support across the network.

You can only get the phone in blue with this deal, which is actually kind of fun. Shipping is free in the US, but it ships worldwide if you're willing to pay. Tax is charged only in California.

The price has been raised to $369.99, which is a less good deal. It's still okay, but I'd probably pass.