Cheap USB car chargers are a dime a dozen, even ones with enough ports to charge two devices at once. But this dual-USB (2.1A + 1A) charger from Elivebuy stands out, and it's not because this is the fastest charger of the bunch. It caught our attention because it just might save your life, and it will do it for six bucks if you go to Amazon and enter the coupon code Q626JPAD at checkout.

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The charger in question comes with a glass hammer that can be used to shatter windows during an emergency. It also comes with LED lights that can provide illumination in the darkness or serve as hazard warnings. The thing also has a magnetic base. Consider it a multi-tool that you can safely cram into your car's 12 volt outlet.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 4.48.57 PM

Most USB car chargers are completely forgettable, regardless of how many ports they have. This is one you might just want to remember you have lying around.