You can buy 4K TVs for an almost reasonable price these days, but that's not true for Sony's new 4K TVs. These sets run Android TV and are razor thin at just 0.2-inches. However, they start at $2500 for a 55-inch set. They are now listed on Amazon and Best Buy, with pre-orders live on the former.

These are LED-lit LCD televisions with a resolution of 3840x2160. Of course, the thin design is one of the selling points. Oh, and they support 3D viewing too (apparently that's still a thing). The 55-inch model is $2500 and the 65-inch is $4000. A 75-inch model is coming too, but it's not listed yet.

The Android TV software is the same thing you'd get with something like a Nexus Player or SHIELD console plugged into a non-smart TV. People who buy these TVs will be doing it for the design mostly, but maybe they'll consider Android TV support a nice bonus. Sony also makes slightly thicker versions of its 2015 TVs for the peasants that cost $1000-1500 less.

If you want to buy Sony's new TVs from Amazon, they start shipping on July 19th.