Google has dropped a bunch of new Wear watch faces into the Play Store this morning in partnership with a variety of fashion designers and popular brands. Some of these you will have heard of and others probably not, but almost all of them are free.

You can page through the gallery below to see examples of all the watch faces, then check the collection page in the Play Store to download the ones you like. The Angry Birds watch face that popped up last week (and continues to be broken, by the way) is part of this promotion. It seems to have just gone up early.

Other watch faces in the set include Hello Kitty, Moomin, Gundam, Lulu Frost, Muji, and Triwa. Google says there are currently over 1500 downloadable watch faces in the Play Store, so this is kind of a drop in the bucket. However, some of them look genuinely nice and don't cost anything.