If you're using a "smart" wearable device because it's fashionable rather than practical (and the current crop of smartwatches have a pretty tenuous grasp on the idea of practicality anyway), then why not just wear an old-fashioned watch or bracelet and deal with the arguable inconvenience of reaching for your phone on occasion? These and other questions might be answered by the Android app for MICA, an Intel-branded wearable that puts fashion over form.


They might be. But probably not.

The MICA is a curved-screen smartband unabashedly marketed towards women. It includes the standard call, SMS, calendar, and email notifications, plus more specialized content like fashion and horoscope apps from Refinery29. It comes in a variety of designs with such exotic materials as pearls and snakeskin. The gadget uses AT&T wireless bands (with access prepaid for two years) so technically it doesn't even need a phone - the app is simply a connection point for routing notifications and other information to your MICA account.

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If all of that sounds pretty good, you can buy the MICA from Barneys New York or Opening Ceremony for $495. It comes in black snakeskin with a lapis accent or white snakeskin with a tiger's eye accent. Maybe you could blow a grand on two and wear them at the same time!

The app was not found in the store. :-(