I dare you to try and get through this story without getting Devo lyrics stuck in your head. Ready? Here we go: FireWhip is a casual game from developer Trichotomy that's unlike just about anything on the Play Store, despite its simplicity. You play a tiny pixelated blob which, for reasons that aren't adequately explained, has a whip made of fire. The objective is to kill as many bad guys (also represented by pixelated blobs) as possible, in a sort of 360-degree version of a top-down shooter.

The unique part of FireWhip is the control scheme. To activate your whip you simply swipe in a circle, the faster the spin, the longer and more powerful the whip. Spin too fast and you'll run out of power. Release your finger at the right moment and your whip will "crack" like Indy's, unleashing a particularly powerful burst that's good for dispatching the tougher enemies. Speaking of which, the variety of enemies and their disparate movement patterns will keep you guessing.

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The game also has a interesting add-on feature: it allows you to make GIFs of your exploits, ripe for sharing on social networks.


FireWhip is just one dollar with no ads or in-app purchases.

Developer: Trichotomy Games
Price: $0.99