The Islamic holy month of Ramadan started yesterday evening, making today the first full day of fasting for over a billion people around the world. For roughly the next 30 days, Muslims will abstain from food and drink during daylight hours.

That means many of you are turning to your phones to look up sunrise and sunset times, along with other relevant information. As a result, Google has decided to put it all in one place by launching My Ramadan Companion.

Ramadan1 Ramadan2 Ramadan3


My Ramadan Companion provides recipes and information on local shops, along with sources of entertainment such as funny videos and helpful tutorials available on YouTube. The website organizes everything into cards, which adapt just as easily to your phone as your PC.

Google Now can relay some of this same information and recommend useful apps. Some will alert you to Halal restaurants nearby, while others help you track the time until your evening meal.

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This year Ramadan will continue until the evening of July 17th. Google wants to help you get the most out of the time until then.