BlackBerry has slowly but surely realized that their best bet for continued existence is to somehow bridge the app compatibility gap that Android and iOS boast in comparison to their platform. The route they have taken is adding the ability to natively run Android apps within the BlackBerry OS, which quite honestly is a good idea. The next step is getting those apps to users. For American users, that starts today, as a new OS update will bring the Amazon Appstore along with it.

The update, to version 10.3.2, is on its way to BlackBerry Classic users on Verizon and T-Mobile as well as the Z10 and Q10 on AT&T. Other device models and other carriers within and outside the US will get it soon as well. It will eventually make its way to all BlackBerry 10 devices: the Passport, Leap, Z3, Z30, and Q5 in addition to those already named are in line to get this update.

There are a variety of other changes coming for users in 10.3.2, but none will be so exciting for end users as access to the over hundred thousand Android apps in Amazon's Appstore. And American users are getting a truly authentic Android experience, since those outside the US have had the Appstore for several months now. American carriers really do love slowing these things down.