Google has started rolling out a new version of Androidify, and as with most of Google's apps, it's a staged rollout. Fear not, we've got the APK for you on APK Mirror. Upon installing Androidify 4.0, you'll see a ton of new clothing and animations, helpfully labeled as "new." We've also dug into the APK to see if there's anything interesting, and indeed there is.

Here are all the new items in Androidify 4.0.


  • freddie moustache
  • pretty moustache


  • boa


  • rainbow glasses
  • this glasses


  • colorful ponytail
  • gghair
  • glitter exuberan hair
  • freddie hair


  • prideflag (inrighthand)
  • rainbow wristband (sleeve)
  • star wand (inrighthand)


  • fruit headdress (hat)
  • afro wig (head)
  • rainbow headband (face)
  • biker leather hat (head)


  • rainbow skirt
  • rainbow shorts
  • freddie pants
  • green warmers
  • hot pink warmers


  • pride tank top
  • angel
  • fireman braces
  • gayglers
  • sky blue bikini
  • rainbow bikini
  • jewel bikini
  • gold suit
  • freddie
  • gold dress


  • red stiletto
  • oldies platform


  • Drum
  • Flag Wave 1
  • Flag Wave 2
  • Flag Wave 3
  • Hip Wiggle
  • Macarena
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Wave

You're probably noticing a theme. There's a lot of LGBT content in this update, which is likely timed to coincide with the upcoming Pride Day later this month. Looking at the APK, we also found several relevant strings that will probably manifest themselves as we approach Pride Day.

<string name="march_pride">March for Pride</string>
<string name="march_pride_detail">"Have your Android character march in a global Pride parade,
appearing on and floats around the world.
June 27th-28th."</string>
<string name="march_pride_interstitial">"You can now add your Android character
to Android's online Pride parade, happening
June 27th-28th on"</string>
<string name="welcome">Welcome to the parade!</string>
<string name="welcome_thanks">"Thanks for joining, check on June 27th
and 28th to see your character walk in the parade."</string>
<string name="welcome_to_parade">welcome to the parade</string>

So it looks like there's going to be an online Pride Day parade with Androidify characters on June 27th and 28th. You'll be able to enter your creations in the parade if you like, but they might also show up on real floats around the world. It's not clear how that's going to work. Assuming this is all still happening, Google will probably flip the switch soon.

Update: Here it is.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free