An app called File Expert is probably going to be an expert at managing files. One would hope, anyway, and in this case, one probably wouldn't be disappointed. File Expert can move your files around, measure your storage space, organize content automatically, and keep track of apps. Now it can do all of these things while looking up-to-date. That's right, in version 7, File Expert goes material.

The user interface is now turquoise and white all over the place. Brightly-colored, square-shaped icons accompany each item. The experience is still very tab heavy, but it has transitioned in a way that looks more at home on Lollipop. You can also customize the homepage so that the information you want to see appears as you open the app.

File1 File2 File3

File6 File5 File4

This update, which has undergone beta testing for several months, isn't just about changing the appearance. GeekSoft has reduced the size of the core APK to around 3MB. Extra functionality now appears in the form of independent plug-ins, which you can find listed on the developer's Play Store page.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 at 3.26.36 PM

That's not to say that everything has changed for the better. Even ignoring the subjective argument of whether adopting material design is a visual improvement, some early Play Store reviews feature users upset to encounter ads after having previously picked up the paid version of the app. It shouldn't take a file expert to tell that a change like that probably won't go over well.

What's New:

  • Whole-heartedly devote to a brand new UI which based on Google’s Material Design. Creative homepage than ever with smart features.
  • Challenge ourselves to rebuild App infrastructure for pursuing a better performance. Additional features are separated as independent plug-ins in order to minimize APK size for running smoothly.
  • Elaborate attention on every interaction with users. Updates go to all branches including official website, support system and so on.

File Expert - file manager
File Expert - file manager
Developer: GMobile Apps
Price: Free+