Have I mentioned lately that DotEmu is awesome? Because it is, and not just because it's the only Android game developer that sounds like a dating service for flightless birds. The company specializes in porting old console and PC games to Android and iOS, perfectly preserving graphics and game mechanics while adding great extras like controller support and Google Play Games integration. At the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles, DotEmu announced that its next release will be Titan Quest.

Titan Quest was originally released for the PC in 2006. It's a modern take on the top-down dungeon crawler formula typified by Diablo, but instead of a Heaven vs. Hell story backdrop it uses classical Greco-Roman and Egyptian mythology. Technologically, the 3D graphics in Titan's Quest were cutting edge when they were released - the game will probably be the most high-end title that DotEmu has worked on so far. Fans of the original praised its lengthy single-player campaigns and huge open world. It's not clear if the well-received multiplayer mode will make its way to the mobile re-release.

DotEmu didn't give a specific date for the Android release of Titan's Quest, but representatives said that it should be available in late 2015.