Your options for moving files on Android devices continue to get better. Earlier today Pushbullet unveiled Portal, an easy QR-based way to exchange files between your phone/tablet and PC using your local wireless network. A few hours later, BitTorrent Sync has released Shoot, a different QR-based way to move things from one mobile device to another.

Shoot is simple. You tap 'send' on your device, have the recipient scan the QR code that appears on your screen, and then watch as the transfer starts. The app works on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, so you should be able to send something to pretty much anyone you know with a smartphone.

Portal and Shoot look more than a little bit similar, and launching on the same day makes it difficult not to draw comparisons. But their differences leave them standing more as supplements to one another than direct competitors. Someone looking to avoid shooting their files up to someone's servers can use Shoot to exchange files between their mobile devices, then switch to Portal when they need to get something off their PC.

Since Shoot is a BitTorrent product, it transfers data using peer-to-peer networking. This offers some differences from existing options (such as SuperBeam, as one commenter pointed out) though probably not enough for most users to care. Nevertheless, it should handle large files without complaint. Just don't look for advanced features. That's what BitTorrent Sync is for.

The first three sends are free, but after that you will need to unlock unlimited use through a single $2 in-app purchase.

The app was not found in the store. :-(